Personal Injury Lawyers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Tom Currie and Mark Liabo protect the rights of our Iowa clients suffering injuries or loss of a loved one through the negligence of others

Our mission

Tom Currie and Mark Liabo practiced law together with The Tom Riley Law Firm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for more than 25 years, representing people from all walks of life and all sorts of backgrounds. Our clients have recovered millions of dollars in cases of wrongful death, personal injury, workplace accident and economic loss.

Currie & Liabo Law Firm, PLC was formed in 2013 with the mission of serving those who need a strong and experienced voice to speak for them. We protect individuals and families who have been touched by loss, injury or even tragedy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

We are advocates. Our job is to level the playing field and give our clients a fair shot at justice. Most people who come to us have been touched by tragedy, injury or loss. They are often nervous, many are hurt and some are angry. They need a skilled lawyer who understands their needs.

Our logo is a torch. It is a symbol of knowledge, strength, endurance, liberty and justice. It is also a perfect symbol for our mission. We want to champion your cause and carry that torch for you.

Our cases

Tom Currie and Mark Liabo understand what a stressful and scary time it is when you have been injured or have lost a loved one through the negligence of others. We are hands-on and easy to reach. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and challenges from start to finish.

Here is a list of the types of cases Currie & Liabo Law Firm, PLC frequently handles:

  • Motor vehicle accidents ― Whether you have been in a serious accident or a minor collision in a car, truck, or motorcycle or bicycle, we handle your wrongful death or uninsured or underinsured motorist case, no matter how complex.
  • Workers  compensation ― We fight for your rights in workers compensation matters, whether you were injured at your workplace, the nature of your work led to an occupational disease or you developed a repetitive stress injury. We battle third parties and insurance companies on your behalf.
  • Medical malpractice ― We know what to do when a healthcare professional fails to meet the standards of good medical practice, whether through failure to diagnose, negligent treatment or surgery, failure to admit, failure to monitor, or drug overdose or negligent administration of drugs. We can help you with your personal injury or wrongful death case in these circumstances.
  • Products liability ― Dangerous and defective products seriously injure and kill thousands of consumers every year. We have won cases involving personal injury or wrongful death caused by defective products and parts.
  • Personal injury ― We help clients receive just compensation when they have been injured or have lost a loved one due to the negligent actions of employers, drivers, medical professionals, landlords or manufacturers.
  • Wrongful death ―  If a member of your family dies because of another’s negligence, you may have a wrongful death case.  We investigate the cause and takes appropriate action on your behalf.
  • Breach of contract ― We understand that a legal dispute can be difficult for your business. We provide litigation services in state and federal courts to protect your interests and also counsel you on how to avoid being sued.
  • Unemployment and employment discrimination issues―  Whether you are an employee wronged at your workplace or an employer in need of assistance with state and federal regulatory and compliance or other employment law issues, we can help.
  • Civil litigation ― When legal disputes disrupt your business or personal life, we advocate on your behalf in litigation and mediation. We are experienced at handling employment and personal injury disputes.



Proudly protecting clients in Iowa

Currie & Liabo Law Firm, PLC represents individuals and families in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Marion, Davenport, Bettendorf and Dubuque.

About our fees

Most of our cases are handled on a contingent fee basis. This means that you are only charged a fee if there is a recovery by way of settlement or verdict. There is no charge for the initial consultation and investigation in a contingent fee case even if the case is not pursued.  If the case is not the type that can be handled on a contingent fee basis, we charge an hourly rate that reflects our years of experience and the customary rates for lawyers in our area.

Experienced legal representation in Eastern Iowa when you need it most

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident or has a dispute to settle, call Currie & Liabo Law Firm, PLC at (319) 423-8857 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.