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Product Liability

Product Liability Lawyers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Effective legal solutions that protect you

You rely upon manufacturers to produce safe products. When a trusted product harms you, the injury can have devastating effects on your well-being, family and financial security. The attorneys at Currie & Liabo Law Firm, PLC bring more than 60 years of combined experience to helping you recover just compensation so that you can focus on recovering your health.

Seek help immediately

When you seek legal help immediately, your attorneys can act right away to preserve crucial evidence. It is also important to act quickly because Iowa law requires you to file your claim within a set period of time after the injury was or should have been discovered. If you do not file your claim within this period, you forfeit your right to recover the compensation you deserve.

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Strict liability protects your rights

Iowa law protects your right to purchase and use products without risking your health and safety. The strict liability doctrine permits our attorneys to recover compensation from a manufacturer that produces unsafe products, even if that company did not act negligently. Our attorneys work tirelessly to establish that a defect in the product caused your injuries and that you deserve just compensation.

Protecting your rights against large corporations

When you are represented by Currie & Liabo Law Firm, PLC, you do not have to stand up against an industrial giant alone. We have the resources and skills to fight big companies on your behalf. With a team of top medical experts ready to help, our attorneys thoroughly investigate each case and carefully plan our approach to win, and produce the best possible outcome.

Overwhelming medical bills and lost wages can compound the stress after an injury. At this time, you should not have to deal with the distressing prospect of spending a lot of your own money to retain an attorney, just so you can recover what is rightfully yours. Because we believe all injured people have the right to dedicated representation, Currie & Liabo Law Firm, PLC does not charge you for our legal services until we successfully recover just compensation for your injuries.

“ Before it is too late”!
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If your injury prevents you from scheduling an appointment in our Cedar Rapids office, our attorneys will visit you at home or in the hospital to discuss your case.



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