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I Think I Have a Case. What Do I Have to Prove?

Good question. You have to prove that you were injured or harmed by someone who is legally responsible for the harm and the extent of the injury or harm caused by the conduct. The law refers to this as a breach of duty, causation, and damages. For example, the manufacturer or seller of a product has a duty to manufacture or sell safe products. A licensed professional, such as a doctor, lawyer, or veterinarian has a duty to follow the proper standard of care. Bars and taverns have a duty not to serve alcohol to someone who is drunk or serve a sober person to the point of becoming drunk. An employer owes a legal duty under workers’ compensation laws to employees who are injured on the job. The law establishes a duty to not slander or libel a person’s reputation or good name. An employer has a duty not to discriminate against an employee because of that person’s race, gender, age, disability, pregnancy, religious faith, national origin, and in Iowa, that person’s sexual orientation and gender identity. People involved in business deals have a duty not to mislead or make false statements on which others rely. They also have a duty to keep their word and honor their contracts. A person has a duty under many circumstances to act with due care to prevent foreseeable harm.

But it is not enough to prove that someone did something wrong. You also have to prove the extent of the harm caused and the dollar value of the damages you suffered. There are many facts that have to be considered and sorted out. Give us a call for a free initial consultation to find out if we can help.