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Why You Should Hire a Product Liability Attorney for Your Personal Injury Claim

It is the responsibility of a manufacturer to provide their customer with a product that is safe for them to use. There are state and federal laws established to help protect the safety and health of consumers when they purchase products from a company. People rely on the companies to make their products safe to use however, there are occasions when the items may be defective and can cause harm to the person. From testing the product to supplying warning labels, these are important steps that a manufacturer must complete to ensure you are purchasing a safe product. However, do you know what to do if you become a victim of a defective item? A product liability attorney in Cedar Rapids, IA area can provide you with the information you required if you have been injured by goods supplied by a company.

Reasons You Should Hire an Attorney if you have been a Victim of a Flawed Product

There are various reasons why you should consult with an attorney if you have been injured by a defective product. When a person has been injured by a dangerous product it can affect their life physically and financially. The responsible party can be financially liable to pay for any medical costs that are incurred and future expenses. They can be responsible for any lost wages because of the injury and the pain and suffering the victim endures. Another reason to file a product liability claim is to hold the business responsible for the product liable for the defective item. An attorney can determine who all is responsible, from the retailer the item was bought at to the company that manufactures the product. A third reason to file a claim is to do your part to help protect the general public and prevent another person from being injured by the product.

Have Experience and Knowledge on Your Side with a Reliable Attorney

It can be scary to be injured by a flawed product, it can be even more frightening to face a large corporation if you file a claim against them. Currie & Liabo Law Firm has over 60 years of experience in recovering payment for clients that have been victims of a faulty product. They understand the law when it comes to large manufacturers and knows how to use this law to protect your rights as a consumer. Their team of experts will speak for you when you file a claim against a negligent company.