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Top Questions to Ask Your Car Accident Attorney in Cedar Rapids, IA

Accidents are bound to happen. You can be the most careful driver in the world, and if someone else isn’t watching what they are doing on the road, you can end up in an accident. A car accident can quickly change your entire life. Suddenly, you are injured, out of work, and have no way of getting around, because your car is either totaled or in the shop. The one thing that is a certainty is that you should hire a car accident attorney in Cedar Rapids, IA to help with your case. There are a few questions that you should go to your free consultation armed with, however. Read on below for a few of those questions.

What Areas of Law does the Firm Specialize in?

You wouldn’t want a TV repairman working on your car, would you? So, why would you want a criminal defense attorney working on your car accident case? Make sure that you ask the car accident attorney in Cedar Rapids, IA what type of law they specialize in so that you are sure you are at the right place and that they will have your best interest at heart.

Will There be Other Attorneys on the Case?

This is a matter of preference really. Many people would prefer to have a small law firm with one lawyer working on their case. Other people prefer to go with a larger firm so that they have the experience and expertise of many different lawyers to help them. Either way, you need to know ahead of time how many lawyers will be on your case, so that you can make the final decision as to which law firm you choose. The choice is yours alone.

Can You Provide References from Past Clients?

The thing you have to remember is that the attorney you choose holds your life in his hands. You want to ensure that you are the best possible fit and that includes getting references of past clients from the lawyer in question. If the lawyer refuses, then you might want to move to the next lawyer on your list.

These are just a few of the questions that you will want to ask your car accident lawyer before hiring him. For more information, contact the professionals at Currie and Liabo today for more help.